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Crooked Creek Smallmouth

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Crooked Creek Smallmouth

Our location in Arkansas gives us a unique ability to offer our guests scenic and beautiful golf courses that are not available in most parts of the country. Many of our courses feature stunning rivers and landscapes and create challenging outings that will keep you coming back.

Fishing and Guide Services

Within ten to fifteen miles of Eagle’s Nest, there are multiple access points to the White River’s trophy trout water. If you would like to take the guess work out of your trip, please take a look at some of our local guide services. They provide excellent fishing along with professional services and fun.

Arkansas History

Located near Eagles Nest is the Rush Settlement – the only ghost town between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. The remains of the prosperous zinc-mining town of Rush attained this status almost fifty years ago. A true ghost town exhibits the physical existence of structures, including buildings, and a zero population.

Rivers and National Parks

Our state offers some of the finest wild life and natural terrain that you can explore. Enjoy unscripted days along the rivers and mountains, or visit guided explorations of our state by visiting Mountain View. Come stay at Eagle’s Nest and enjoy our state’s natural treasures.